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Come I Tells Ya !
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  Ray Lake is a songwriter, singer and musician who owns and operates Open Sesame Studio. There, he records and produces his own CDs, as well as those of other musical artists. Born and raised in St. Lawrence, he now makes his home in Goulds.
  Ray has written, produced and released six CDs. They are Seaboat (1999), There’s Gonna be a Time Tonight (2000), Put ‘er Up! (2001) The Boys are Comin’ In (2004), What a Scoff and now his most recent Come I Tells Ya (2010). Some of his best-known songs are There’s Gonna be a TimeTonight, Waltzing with Rita and Uncle Valley Kelly. Ray has released a DVD, There’s Gonna be a , which has been featured on NTV. His music has been played on all the St. John’s radio stations, and province-wide on affiliate radio stations. He has contributed to the annual Home Brew CD compilation.

  Ray is an active member of the arts community in Newfoundland and Labrador. In 2001 he was selected to tour the province’s Arts & Culture Centres for the Emerging Artist Tour sponsored by The Music Association of Newfoundland and Labrador. This same association selected his song There’s Gonna be a Time Tonight as the winner of the 2001 Song of the Year Award. Ray hosted his own show at the St. John’s Arts & Culture Centre in 2001, with special guests Terry Penney and Connermara. He has performed on CBC’s annual Janeway Telethon, and has had appearances on NTV and on Cable 9’s Out of the Fog. Ray was the subject of a Land and Sea documentary in 2001. He has been featured on CBC radio, on the program “Peformance Hour”. He was a guest artist at the grand opening of the East Coast Trail Association. Ray performed at the launching of Kevin Major’s book entitled As Near to Heaven by Sea: The History of Newfoundland and Labrador, September 2001. Each year, Ray performs on the Gulf ferries, The Caribou, The Clara and Joseph Smallwood the Leif Eriksson and the Atlantic Vision. For the past year, Ray has been visiting schools with his show, impressing teachers and administrators with how his presentation links to the curriculum and students with his upbeat music and infectious enthusiasm. He continues to write and record at his studio.

Carrying On Again.